Katrin Thomas

Katrin Thomas' images have been published internationally, including in her first monograph "Exits-Living Fashion", Edition Stemmle, 1999.
After having started her career as a photographer in New York in the early 90's, where she lived for over 12 years, she also stayed in Paris and London for several years. Her work is mainly fine art orientated yet extremely versatile. Katrin Thomas' desire for a complete involvement with photographic culture has also motivated her teaching at several international art schools and universities, since 2011 she is holding a professorship for photography in Berlin, Germany. She is currently working on a screenplay.
Katrin Thomas has been awarded several grants and prizes and has been working with major ad agencies as well as photographing for a wide range of international magazines. In one of her fine art projects 'Noview' she has worked with a hypnotherapist; models have been photographed under the influence of hypnotic suggestions based around the beauty and pop industry:
"Noview", Edition Phipps, 2002 (www.schaden.com).